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There is a need for business “how to” education in marketing, management, finance, etc……

Last Friday I had an opportunity to substitute for a speaker from our University. The audience was made of people who wanted to start a business, some that just started a business, as well as a few employed in large companies that were looking for a way to better their “department”.

At a meeting on Saturday, it was brought up that there are over 380,000 one-person businesses in Arizona alone.

The need for structured, in the trenches, education is become a critical issue in our country. There is no single source that a small business owner can go to for ideas on how to market or manage or handle finance issues   or a place to go to ask questions that will be answered by someone who has solved the same problem in their own business.

For the past three years I have been working on a solution to this problem. My goal was to provide easy access to a single source that can handle the majority of issues that a small business faces as it grows.

My dream is now becoming a reality. One Biz Central  is now available at The content providers are being selected as we speak and all have small business, in the trenches, experience.

The articles are not sales oriented, but factual, useful information and ideas that will help grow a business. The names of the authors will be available at the end of each article in case you want to contact them for more information. There will be many support articles in each category (marketing, business startup, management, finance, technology and education)

Other features include free books on small business topics, an opportunity to ask a question and to form your own networking (strategic partner) group on line.

My blog, which you are reading now, has been looked at by over 10,000 in a single month. This business support blog will also be available at, and will be delivered Monday thru Friday to all subscribers’ e-mail.

We have worked hard to keep the cost down and are offering subscriptions at $5/month ($60/year) for the next few months while our content is being uploaded. (These rates will not change for those that subscribe now).

Subscribers will have access to thousands of dollars worth of support information each month.

New features will be added to One Biz Central including on- line education, chat rooms and much more.

To my friends, clients and subscribers, please sign up today. This site will revolutionize the small business industry.

Pick up this tool and grow your business.        Nick J. Petra CFP   

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