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Think big……see the big picture…..

“Big thinkers always have the big picture in view, where they are in the process or what they are doing. They look at the whole business as a puzzle, and they see each of the individual pieces as well as the relationship of the piece to the bigger picture. They know at all times exactly where they are and where they want to be and they have a clear picture of what’s needed to bridge the gap.”  John Assaraf and Murray Smith, in their  book The Answer, provided me with the best introduction to today’s topic.      

Accounting is boring, systems take too long to develop, compliance, I’ll get around to that later.  As for marketing, I do that when I need to. Then there is the question of profitability, “I do just fine, I cover my overhead”.  The company vision is the big picture; and these along with a few other categories, make up the pieces of the puzzle that must work smoothly together in order to achieve that vision.

I can tell a “big thinker” by the passion they have when they tell me about their business and the vision they have for it. They know what success looks like, and in the early stages of a business (3 to 5 years) they are the central control. They know that focus is important and they have their priorities spelled out in terms of action items.    

Growth mandates change and the control that the owner held in the early part of the business life, now must be delegated to others.  New puzzle pieces appear, more than a single owner can handle. Some of these new puzzle pieces are totally unfamiliar, and experts have to be brought in to meld them into the other puzzle pieces.   

A new challenge is presented, and that is passing on the enthusiasm and love of the business to others who can better carry the torch to the next phase of business growth. This is a critical stage in the life of the business. The owner’s value system has to be the basis for the hiring process. Yes, they have to have the needed expertise but the new leadership must have the core  values that   brought the business to its current position.

The founder of the business doesn’t disappear; in fact, the owner can now concentrate all of his strengths on the piece of the puzzle that will eventually tie all the other pieces together to make the vision a reality.

Always think big, know what big looks like, work towards becoming big, but never be too big to ask for help.      Nick J. Petra CFP

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