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Communicating with prospects and customers/clients has never been easier. We have Skype, mobile phones, tablets, e-mail, etc. our web sites and blogs serve as communication windows and we rest and wait for our prospects to find us and for our current customer base to keep coming back to us and also to send referrals. Social media has caught the fancy of the business world and numerous books, and seminars promise to teach us how to get all the business one can handle.

What’s wrong with this picture?  The final buying decision usually rests with a “real person” and that person has to make a purchase decision from literally thousands of choices. Small business owners that market primarily through electronic means or visual media such as signs and other forms of printed material are shooting an arrow into the sky with the hopes that a prospect is flying overhead and gets impacted by the arrow.

If the target market has been properly identified, then one knows where to find that prospect. It doesn’t make sense to only use “non-contact” marketing methods that prospects may or may not ever see. As “non-contact” marketing expands, decisions become more and more difficult for those in need of specific services.  Decisions are made with fingers crossed, based on a color or picture or written words, with the hope that luck was with them in the selection making process. One other caveat, not all “non-contact” marketing is seen by a prospect; there are too many choices available.

Today’s challenge is to be different and talk to a prospect in person.  Yes, talk to that prospect without an appointment if you cannot get someone to set up an appointment for you. Yes, “cold calling” is scary, but if you are well prepared, you may get more welcome mats than rejections.

Write a “from the heart” presentation. Don’t say “My name is Nick and I sell—–Talk about the benefits and the extra time and care you provide as is evident by your calling in person. Write out your presentation and practice it until you are comfortable in your delivery. As you make your actual presentations, you may have to tweak it as you experience your prospect’s reactions.  By making a call you are also gathering information about your prospect which can be used at a future date.. There are always additional benefits that you can provide to a prospect in addition to the product or service you are selling. ( referrals, friendship, support)

By carefully preparing yourself and having the GUTS (God’s Undeniable Terrific Secret) to step out into the real world and make a face to face presentation, you will find that your business will grow, you will make friends and you will feel good.

The hard part about success in any endeavor is taking that first step.      Nick J. Petra CFP

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