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Virtual Networking…its time has come…..

Networking is an important piece of the overall marketing process. We associated the networking process in several different ways.

  1. 1.       Participating in a structured networking group: From the independent group that has written its own operating rules to a national chain of networking groups, the members share their stories and exchange leads to help each other grow. In most networking group attendance is mandatory at the weekly meetings (yes, there are legitimate reasons for missing), and everyone must strive to bring a “personal referral” to the meeting to share with another members. Membership is usually limited to one member per business category; and as long as a category is open and a prospective member meets the criteria for joining, membership is open.
  2. The second major networking method is what most business owners do on an informal basis, they ask their friends and customers to refer business to them.  Instead of a weekly meeting, the communications takes the form of an e-mail, a visit or phone call, a newsletter or other marketing contact in which a referral is solicited.  Unlike the structured networking group which is a two way process, this  method is usually a one way structure.

The virtual networking process that we have developed and are introducing in One Biz Central has combined the need for structure along with other benefits such as time savings, and the opportunity to be in control of your networking membership.

Within our system it only requires a minimum five members to form a virtual networking group. Your group information will only be available to your members and access to this group will be from a link on your page when you log into .  Within the marketing section there will be a complete tutorial on how to structure your group and how to make it a major support and profit center.

The best part is that the establishment of your own Virtual Networking group is offered at no additional cost. The only requirement is that each group member has to be a member of One Biz Central.

One Biz Central charges only an annual fee of $60, $5 per month and gives you access to some of the best “how to” information on management and marketing available ( written in an action based format by successful small business owners)  to help you grow your business. The opportunity to set up and profit from your own virtual support and networking group is an unbelievable bonus.

Make it a point this week to visit, read the information and then join to take our business to the next level.

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