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About 20 years ago I really started to give serious thought as to why some people were successful and others were not. Many motivational, inspirational and get rich quick seminars are offered and attended by many; but very few, if any, of the attendees ever achieved the success (wealth) for which they were searching.  In my opinion, the majority of these seminars provided a shot of adrenalin for a short “feel good” period.

Although I did not know it, a quote I heard, attributed to Cavet Robert, helped lay the basis for this process. It was his definition of character which is as follows: “The ability to carry on after the mood has left you.” Some years later l attended a very special retreat, after which another word was implanted in my brain, and that was self-discipline.

The definition of character and self-discipline   go together, not giving up but sticking to a goal until it is achieved. As a consultant and educator, I have shared the meaning of these two words and fund that most people agreed with the need to adopt them to reach their goals. After further reflection I came p with the following formula for success: Success=education +discipline.

Success is driven in some aspects by luck; but, in most cases, we create success through acquiring a certain level of knowledge. Achieving a goal requires a personal investment in education be it formal or informal. Each day we take steps to learn and grow. The final goal may require research, experiment, action and study.

The formula was coming together, but something was still lacking. My mind went back to how I achieved success in riding a bike. My parents presented me with a two wheel bike on my 8th birthday. They did not send me out to ride the bike by myself; they came with me and helped me get on the seat. My dad ran with me and steadied the bike as I slowly started peddling. I felt good and asked him to let         go; I fell. He picked me up, said a few words of encouragement and we started all over again. Yes, I finally learned how to ride by myself, but not without the continuous support I received. My formula for success was now complete:

Success= Education + Discipline +Support +Continuity

The above is a copy of the introduction portion of my book. It’s a 20 week track to building wealth. The system presented will work if you discipline yourself to follow it. The book is aimed at all people who are thinking of starting their own businesses or just want to get out of “ a rut” and find an additional challenge from which to learn.

The next 100   subscribers to my site will receive a copy of this book in the mail. With over three years of research dedicated to this  site I am sure that it will become the central hub for all small businesses that want to grow a sustainable business. At a cost of $5/month ($60/year) subscribers will receive many thousands of dollars of support in all aspects of business growth.

We provide the tools, it’s up to you to pick them up and use them.

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