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How do you spend your life???????????????????

Normally one is asked, “How do you spend your time?” It’s not a very bothersome question because we see time as being always available. Wasting a few hours here and there is acceptable. I want to look at the bigger picture. We are born, we live. Our body grows and then we cast off our worldly garments and our short, blink- of- an- eye stay on this world has passed.

From a business aspect many of us have dreams that we will someday turn into action, but we have to wait until the time is right. Every day each of us is spending part of our lives. What are you getting in return for what you have spent?

Choices have to be made: where we go, what we do, how we spend our money. If your dream is to start a business or to take your existing business to the next level, you are blessed with tools that can help you achieve your dreams. The challenge is whether  you are willing to take advantage of them.

All of us are subject to the evils of procrastination. The dictionary defines procrastination as “to defer action, to put off till another day or time.” I have found this to be one of the major stumbling blocks to achieving success.

My weekday blogs offer steps to wealth. The challenges are not hard, but the fear word,( fear of failure, fear of starting, fear of what others will say, etc.) causes the paralysis of procrastination.

This is where your own self-discipline and your realization of the importance of reaching your dreams must take over.

The path to success requires a start time of right now. Don’t wait another day or week to start. The hardest thing about getting started is getting started.  Don’t waste your time planning every moment for the next 10 years of your business life. Change is the only constant in the life of a business and plans will change accordingly.

This week I met several people who have been dreaming of starting a business. I also received several calls from businesses that want to visit with me in the next year about growing their business. The majority of this article is a result of our conversations.  will become the central hub for those in the small business world. Don’t procrastinate! Sign up today and take advantage of what is there and what will be coming in the way of support for small business growth. ($5/month is, in my opinion, the best business investment decision a small business can make.)

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