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Why read a business blog??????????????

Perhaps a better question is “How to read a business blog.”  All of us read a lot of material every day, but how much is really absorbed and how much is put to use?  There should be a difference when one reads for entertainment, for news update, or for business.

For many small business owners reading has very little time allocated to it. Reading is an action word, not the same as making cold calls or attending a networking meeting; but it is the foundation upon which your business can grow.

A question I like to ask my new clients is, “What is the last business book you read and what did you learn?” the two most common answers are: “ I don’t have time to read.” Or, “Why read a book when all the answers are on the internet”?  In case of the latter answer, I ask for a copy of the notes they took from reading business material on the internet; the typical answer is, “ I didn’t write anything down.”

Reading a business blog or a business book requires a little preparation. The mindset should be to find at least one idea that you can implement in your own operation.  Reading business material should provide choices for improvement.  Those choices will help you make the necessary changes to better reach and serve your target market.

Whether it’s  a book or a blog, keep a 3 x 5 card or post it note near you and write down anything that you want to use. The purpose of writing down ideas is not to store them for future reference, but to develop an action plan to incorporate them into your business as soon as possible.  Having a stack of cards on your desk of “things to do” that you have accumulated over a period of time and have not acted upon means you are wasting your time, not only in reading, but it’s a symptom of a more serious business illness.

My intent in creating One Biz Central ( was to create a single source of business support material. The daily business blog only takes a few minutes to read. The other sections provide more in depth material on specific areas of business life. The book section provides more details in the form of a downloadable book.  The ability to ask a question and receive an answer shows you that you are not alone and help is always near at hand.

The purpose of all good business reading material is to help you improve your business to better reach and serve your clients; by doing so, you will also increase your bottom line.  Good business information is meant to be shared. Tell your support group or networking group about a good book you read or about One Biz Central. Share your books with clients and buy them a subscription to One Biz Central. It’s not only a great gift that shows that you care, but they will remember you every day as they receive awesome business support information.

Don’t get stuck inside your own ego, because it will become a prison in no time flat.    Barbara Ward

Nick J. Petra CFP


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