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No one person has the “crystal ball”…………

The “Crystal Ball”, the one that one can look into and predict the future, belongs to all of us. In two separate meetings today I heard predictions for the future of our economy. One such person said that economic failure was beyond repair and that we are on a slippery slope with the world plunging into chaos in the next 15 years. The second felt that the next five years are going to be “a great opportunity to make money”.

Both speakers are successful business persons in the community; each shared a different message with their audience. The doom and gloom speaker was passing on information from a “respected group of economist”, the second spoke from his own business trends.

I happen to agree that the next five years will be one of the best opportunities we, as small businesses have to “strike it rich”. The ability to forecast correctly means that you know what the actions of the small business community is going to be in the years to come.

A piece of the crystal ball is in each of our hands. What we do with our piece will determine the direction that our nation will be taking.

While our main focus is on our businesses, we must be aware of what the “few” elected officials are doing on a local, state and national level.  It’s amazing how we, as an independent groups, often sit back and let a few people dictate how we will live. Part of the responsibility you have, by carrying a piece of the crystal ball, is to exercise your right to vote, to speak out, and to support each other in reaching a mutually desired goal.

I work very hard with my clients and prospects to help them understand that they control the future of their businesses. The bottom line is in their hands. As I have often pointed out, as small businesses we are more nimble than large business and can change as needed to serve the changing needs of consumers.

Small business owners have to communicate with each other, not just compete. Sharing marketing and management techniques, sending referrals, and sharing trends are all part of creating a solid small business community.

As small businesses we are the core of the US economy. If we  work together we can become the force that can bring prosperity to our Nation.

You cannot kindle a fire in any other heart until it is burning within your own.        Eleanor Doon

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