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All business owners, more than one time in their business lives, will feel sorry for themselves. Perhaps the proposal that was submitted last week with hopes of getting a big contract was rejected. Maybe one of your competitors appears to be doing much more business than you. The majority of the calls you get are recordings trying to sell you something. Your major marketing campaign didn’t yield enough results to pay for itself. Your best client just left you for another provider.

I’m sure that if I opened up this list to all business owners, I would receive thousands of happenings that got us stuck in a rut. I walked into a clients’ office this morning and was greeted with his tale of woe. Our schedule this morning was to start working on a three month marketing plan; instead I listened to his story about why bad things happen to good people.

I am not a psychologist, but from my own experience, both personal and with other clients, I developed an action list to help the “climbing out of a rut” process. As I explained to my client this morning, this “cure” will only work if you do.

Change is the answer, change within yourself not in your business. The following suggestions are things you can do that, hopefully, they are different than your everyday routine.

  • Write a blog
  • Visit a competitor and inquire whether they want to sell their business
  • Call a business owner that you don’t know and ask him/her to join you for coffee to discuss the small business climate in your community.
  • Visit a video production firm and find out what is needed to make a 3 minute video story on your business.
  • Write 10 notes to friends or clients and tell them how grateful you are for their business/friendship.
  • Call several charities and find out what kind of volunteers they need
  • Visit a St. Vincent De Paul dining room and offer to help serve a meal
  • Give up TV and reading newspapers for a week.
  • Call five business owners and form a support group
  • Write a two page article about your hobby.

Select three of my ten suggestions and implement them in the next three days. This cure will work, but you have to take the medicine.

If there is any single factor that makes for success in living, it is the ability to draw dividends from defeat. William Marston

Nick J. Petra CFP       add # 11 to the list: go to and subscribe, it may be the best answer of all.   

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