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A month of giving……

Marketing takes many forms. The ultimate goal is to get in front of a group of consumers that you have identified as your target market and have them listen to you for an hour. During that hour you have a chance to showcase your services/products in an educational venue. How much more would your business grow if you had a captive audience an hour, every day, for a month?

What if these groups were set up by your target market and all you had to do was to prepare a one hour educational presentation that you could use five days a week? If you could reach 5 people a day, five days a week that comes to 100 qualified, potential clients that voluntarily came to listen to you.

How long would it take and how many cold calls would you have to make on your target market before you could reach 100 prospects that were willing to listen to you for an hour?

This is an achievable goal, but there is some work involved. First, the assumption exists that you are an expert in your field and that you provide benefits to those that purchase your products or services.  Second, you have identified a target market. Third, you can provide a benefit to your target market, even if they don’t buy from you, through an educational seminar. The seminar may not represent your products or services, but could cover a topic from which your target market can benefit.

The next step is finding the “hero”. This is the person that will invite members of your target market to a meeting in which you are the presenter. The “hero” invites people because he cares about them and wants to share an important message to help them grow their businesses.

Over the years, I have addressed the importance of maintaining a data base of all the people you meet and with whom you are in contact.  This list contains your heroes; go through your contact list and ask them if they would like to become heroes to their clients. By bringing you in as an expert he is giving something of value to his clients and you get the exposure you need. I have found that some of my heroes can put together 3 to 5 groups for a session. The ideal group is somewhere between 5 and 8  people. There are many places to hold your sessions including banks, law offices, title companies, etc which are more than willing to let you use their space. I have even had art galleries host groups and provide refreshments.

After your first month of giving away free information, you have a new list of 100 prospects, some of which have become customers/clients and who also can become heroes for your ongoing marketing.

While this is only a brief look at this marketing method, it is one of the most effective means of growing a business. By extending an invitation your heroes are endorsing you and you now can go back and visit these prospects without having to make a cold call.

 The gift of your time is one of the most precious gifts you can give a prospect…  Nick J. Petra  CFP

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