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July 4th 2013……..Count your Blessings

We are all blessed to live in America.

  • To have the opportunity to worship as we please.
  • To have the opportunity to build a business of our choice.
  • To have the freedom to exercise our right to vote as we choose.
  • To live where we want in our great Nation.
  • To speak the truth, as we see it.
  • To be able to make a difference in our communities.
  • To raise our children as we think is right
  • To have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that has been in place for almost 250 years and isstill our guiding light.

With great blessings, come great responsibilities. We must make sure that our freedoms are protected and maintained for future generations.  It may require us to stand up and be heard when these freedoms are threatened. We must always be vigilant and not be lulled into such comfort that we lose our precious rights.

There are dangerous signals being sent forth. We are in danger of losing our right to make decisions in a variety of areas in our lives. Our government (a non-revenue producing entity) is growing at a faster rate than any other single job creator. We must hold those that spend our money accountable for their actions. We must go back to the basics that have made our Nation great and respected throughout the world.  We cannot afford to support half of our population by taxing the other half to benefit them.

Count your personal blessings today and then evaluate your actions. Are you doing your share to maintain our freedom?

Nick J. Petra CFP         Proud to be an American!

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