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How important are new ideas for our business??????????

Having a marketing goal of handing out at least 150 business cards a week at networking functions is not the most efficient marketing plan available. In my opinion, this marketing plan is just about as effective as standing on a busy intersection and handing out your business cards to cars stopped at the light. Networking is a part of marketing, but you are asking others to do your work for you instead of doing it yourself.

There are three things that can “kill” a business. The first is not getting enough new business; the second is getting too much new business and not knowing how to handle it from a system and financial prospective; and the third is not having a fully developed and implemented business and marketing plan.  From experience the first issue, not getting enough business, is the number one “business killer” followed   closely by the lack of a business and marketing plan.

At a recent client management team meeting I asked those in attendance to create a list of 30 different marketing tools that can be used to reach a target market.  With six people in attendance and with 15 minutes of individual “think” time, the group came up with 12 options. (I was hoping to get over 30). My next question was to ask how many of those marketing techniques are currently being used. Another disappointing answer, “Five!”  I then asked for a copy of the written marketing implementation plan and accountability system for each of those five marketing techniques; none were available.

It’s impossible to be a business owner or part of a business management team and assume that all the knowledge that is needed to grow a business is contained internally within the minds of the  owners or management team.

Their assignment was to go to my blog sites ( and and go through the 500 plus blog marketing ideas and each to select their top 30. At our next meeting we will prioritize their selections, then develop and implement a marketing plan for the top 6 selections.

All my clients and those seeking advice are now referred to which is becoming the number one business source for those seeking sustainability and profitability. At the end of the month that will be the only source for my blog. There are many successful business owners who are sharing and will be sharing their information in the areas of marketing, management, financial and technology to help grow your business. It’s by far the best $5/month investment you can make ($60/yr.), but it will only work if you use it.

Your challenge for this week is to go to my blog sites and make your own list of 30 marketing ideas and select your top five for implementation. Yes, I can help you make your dreams become a reality.  For information contact me at

If you need business, make this your number one action item; if you procrastinate, it will never happen.

Nick J. Petra CFP



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