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When it’s all said and done someone has to close the sale……

Did you ever lose a sale to a competitor when you knew that you had the better product/service? Did you ever make a presentation and have your prospect tell you how good it was and that they will get back to you, but you never hear from them again? You know you have the better product/service but your prospect tells you they are going to stay with their current supplier. How many more like experiences can you add to this list?

Sales are lost because a connection isn’t made!  Sales are no longer an emotional “pitch” made by someone who is a “natural born salesperson.”  Today, there are many requirements that make up a successful sales presentation. The following are a few of those requirements:

  • The prospects’ needs have to be identified and understood.
  • The prospect must feel that the salesperson is trustworthy and believable.
  • My own list of prospect needs include:
    • To know that they are not alone; they can rely on the salesperson for ongoing support.
    • Friendship beyond business
    • Understanding
    • Time – the most precious commodity a salesperson offers.
    • Listening
    • Confidentiality
    • Confidence in you personally
    • That the buying decision is made freely without being pushed or manipulated.

Selling is a profession that requires knowledge and skills, both of which can be learned. It also requires a desire to help others and to always consider the buyer’s needs before your own.

In conjunction with the selling knowledge and skills, a salesperson must also know the benefits that their product or service offers which can provide a benefit to a prospect.

The last part of the sales equation is doing the necessary market research to know what your target market wants. The best way to find the answer is to ask.

“If your only tool is a hammer, pretty soon everything starts to look like a nail.”

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