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Snail mail campaign……ask for help……

In this day of high tech, snail mail is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. I still believe that using the U.S. Post office for directed marketing should be part of an overall marketing program. There are several advantages to this type of a marketing program:

  • Snail mail has a longer shelf life.
  • Because it is directed, the open-and-read rate is over 90%.
  • It presents a more personal appeal.
  • In my experience, the response rate is better than using a digitally transmitted message.

There are many different types of direct mail campaigns. The following is a targeted direct mail campaign that can be used for almost any business. It is a campaign structured to ask for support in growing a business.  Assumptions are made that you can comply with the process.

  • Create a list of 100 people that know who you are and who would open a personal letter from you.
  • There will be a total of five mailings, two weeks apart.
  • Buy a pox of 500 envelopes and address them to those 100 people. Each person will have five envelopes with their personal  name on it. If time permits and you sit in front of the TV set, I recommend that the envelopes be hand addressed.
  • The first mailing is your story. It should include:
    • The business you are in
    • Why you are in it
    • The passion and enthusiasm you feel for the business
    • Your belief in the value provided by your business.
    • Identify your target market and state why they need your service/product.
    • My opening stand-alone line is something like this:” I am asking for your help and support but first, let me share my story.
    • My last stand alone few lines, is a request for them to personally buy my product and to tell their friends about it.
    • My second letter (two weeks later) is a thank you for their consideration and support (I share a brief report on my business growth the past two weeks) and another specific request as to how they can help me grow my business. (a definite appointment with a referral, a personal introduction, an invitation to a function, an invitation to be a speaker, etc.)
    • The third thru fifth letters also sent two weeks apart, contain a brief progress report as well as a specific request as to how they can help.
    • My signature included my phone number: I add a  P.S. asking them to subscribe to my e-newsletter( they can do that by sending me an e-mail request) to receive value based information and to please call me with questions.
    • During the 10 week marketing program I make it a point to have at least one personal contact with each of the 100 people participating in this marketing effort. I make this easy on myself because my list is comprised of people that I frequently see as clients, friends, business acquaintances, church members and organizations which I participate. And yes, I thank them for their support and once again explain my reason for choosing this method to grow my business.

If you are in business, be proud of your products and services; always talk about the benefits you provide, the passion you have and the need it fills. Share that your growth is through the support of people like them and that you would be happy to reciprocate.

People don’t know what you need unless you tell them. Don’t you feel good when you help someone? Let these 100 people feel good by helping you.

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