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I believe in business owners…

Zig Ziglar wrote: “Man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

I believe that anyone who has the courage, the desire and the heart to start a business is capable of achieving success. I also believe that a person should be in business for themselves but not by themselves.

All the enthusiasm, the hopes and dreams that exist when a business is first launched have to be bundled and groomed to reach their full potential. Most businesses will grow and survive for some period of time before a letdown occurs. That period of growth can last one year or twenty years. The company may be a one-person operation or it may employ 50 or more people, but when the letdown occurs, few business owners have the belief in themselves to persevere and survive, thus the 85% failure rate in businesses.

I believe in business owners but sometimes their belief in themselves is buried under tons of concerns. By diminishing that belief in themselves they lose their belief in their ability to market, manage and grow their businesses.

Owning a business and growing a successful business does not require a 24 hour a day work schedule. There has to be enough time set aside to nurture the “belief foundation” that existed when the business was first started.

A coach, mentor or consultant (advisors try to distinguish themselves with fancy names and definitions of what they do) all should have a primary goal: to help a business person reach their dreams.  This only can be accomplished if the advisor has a belief in the client, a belief in themselves and has the ability to work with a client to re- establish self-confidence. The rest of the mechanics, finance, marketing, and management, are just that, mechanics of running and growing a business.

Support is the key word to business success. The building of  a trust relationship with someone that believes in you; will listen to you and cares about you has to come first before starting the mechanical process .

“Great things happen whenever we stop seeing ourselves as God’s gift to others and begin seeing others as God’s gift to us”                                                                                  James S. Vuocolo

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