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Small business owners don’t have 5 years to get a masters degree in business. They need to have access to useful, educational material that can be applied to their current needs in order to deal with current issues. They don’t have a semester to learn about a marketing plan or an accounting system.

The material has to be presented in an easy to understand format. It has to be short, believable and immediately applicable.  To be short means that it is not a 200 page book with a lot of “fluff”. The needed information should not have to be “dug” out of each chapter. The material presented needs to be the “nuts and bolts” that deal with a particular topic.

To be believable means that the person who reads it can understand the message. It has to be written in “plain english.” Too often books and instructional materials are written/presented in terms unfamiliar to the reader. The reader/listener should say, “I understand the message I can do this”.

Unfortunately, the formal education system has its own way and time table for presenting material that that they deem is useful to small business.

To me, high-speed education means that a business need can be researched by topic, and several solutions/ options are presented. The reader than can select which one is the best for their particular need and use it. There also has to be an opportunity to ask a question and to expect to receive an answer without having to wait until the “class” reaches that topic.

The authors of the articles or webinar presenters should be limited to those who have fought the battle in the trenches of small business life, and have won the battle. They are qualified by their hands-on experience to give advice and to share their stories.

The small business owners are expected to provide the jobs that will put our economy back on track, yet there is virtually no real, affordable support available. A $3,000 weekend  seminar on marketing will leave more questions than answers and may not provide a plan for implementation, much less offer ongoing support.

We are working hard to provide the first platform that is geared towards helping small businesses achieve profitability and sustainability at a minimum cost ($5/month). The content providers are all from the trenches  of small business warfare. The material is presented in categories such as marketing, management, finance, etc. with many short lessons available in each section. This is an ongoing support project that will only grow each month and offer more and more needed support. Support our efforts by subscribing today at

Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably.   Michael Gerber

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