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A little “right type” of bragging………….

Had surgery this week, but I don’t ever want to lose an opportunity to learn. While waiting to be taken into the surgery prep area, I spoke with another person who was waiting for his wife. In our conversation I asked him what he did. He answered my question, and I then asked him how his business was doing. His answer was “fine”. In my mind the answer meant I’m not doing real well.

When you meet someone and you talk about business, your goal should be to let that person know that you are open for more. Even if you are very busy, you must never lose an opportunity to continue your marketing. I may have been in a position to either use his business for myself, or to possibly be a referral source. Instead, the conversation was ended with one word, “fine”.

The right type of bragging is sharing factual statements about your business that may highlight your success, but leaves the door open for new business.

Let’s explore a few ways to change the answer I received:

  • My business is growing but I am open for new clients.
  • I am having a good quarter but my goal is to increase the next quarter by 50%.
  • I just expanded my business and am looking for new opportunities to serve.

My message with these answers is to tell others that I am successful but want to grow. It leaves the door open for them to either become a client or to referrer someone to me.

Like anything else in marketing preparation is the key to success. It’s hard to remember all the things you hear or read about and that you would like to incorporate in your marketing efforts. I suggest writing an answer to the question, “How is your business?” on a three by five card and carry it with you until your answer becomes automatic.

Another mistake is frequently made: if the person you are speaking to is of interest or you feel that there is a potential relationship marketing opportunity, don’t leave without setting up another contact. The contact should be at a specific time and in a certain manner of communication,” I will call you next week to share a cup of coffee. Any day better than another?”.

A “coach” remains something, or someone who carries a valued person from where they are to where they want to be.                                                                                                Kevin Hall

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