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Long term marketing campaigns have been part of most businesses. A plan is developed and it is implemented in stages, usually over a one year period. I believe in the “drip” marketing method but not as the only marketing effort.

E-mails, social media, the telephone and personal, face-to-face contact  allow us to have a “real time” marketing presence with our clients and prospects. “Real time” communications are action-based and allow for more personal interaction. I also include small group seminars (5 to 7 people) as real time communications. With a concentrated effort, a real time marketing process allows you to contact between 600 and 1,000 prospects and clients a year.

Many small business owners feel “safer” when sending a newsletter to all their clients and prospects. It avoids the fear of being rejected or “put off”. Advertising in a newspaper or other medium uses the same strategy: put your message out there and hope someone will respond to it. To a large degree, the current networking groups also may be considered a form of advertising; you rely on someone that heard part of your message to go and find prospects.

Using real time communications as a marketing technique requires more preparation. The presentation itself has to be action-based so that the recipient is put in a position to respond quickly. The target market has to be well defined and understood, and the benefits along with the request for action have to be part of the overall package. In this type of a marketing effort you are putting yourself on the front lines.

Ideas are only good if they are implemented. How many of these blogs have you felt could benefit your business? How many have you put to the test? Real Time communications is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use. Are you ready to take up the challenge? This week select 5 prospects or clients with whom you need to reconnect and, in real time, present a proposition that requires an answer.

As a coach, my task is to help my clients overcome both fear and procrastination and to hold them accountable to growing a profitable and sustainable business.

Motivation to be successful must come from within…no one can give it to you…but, as with any other tool, practice makes perfect.                                                            Nick J. Petra CFP

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