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Writing is an essential business skill…………..

Public speaking is an important tool in the “success tool chest” business owners like to master. For those who realize the importance of public speaking as a marketing tool, they practice and take classes to improve their ability.

There is another skill that is often overlooked, but in my opinion, is a more important and necessary a tool that business people have to master and that is writing. Words are the essential tools of communications; they convey information, express emotion, and influence and motivate. Words help build trust and confidence so that we can grow our business.

Words can also be used badly and thus potentially destroy a business.

Most of us use the written word as our main form of communication; we send e-mails and letters, we write memos and blogs and write “tag lines” to use in our marketing. A lot of our written communications are written on the “spur of the moment” without a great deal of thought.  If we have to give a speech, we work hours to perfect it, at least in our own minds, before we deliver it. The written word is seen by many more people and has the potential to be just as effective as a written speech yet, in many cases, it is not “practiced.”

A good way to test your writing ability is to write an article on your business experience that will help another business person in their business. I asked this question of 20 business owners and only two have been able to provide such an article. The others thought they could write an article but found out, after many struggles, that their writing skills were lacking.

Visual marketing has recently taken the forefront in the marketing arena, but I believe that the written word is just as powerful a marketing tool.

“Creative skills therefore need to be nurture and developed in businesses of all kinds. Writing is the creative skill that is, literally, closest at hand for any business. By learning how to effectively use the written word, businesses can unlock the potential of innovation, increase the impact of communications and become more effective in winning business.”    John Simmons

In business one must never stop learning; good writing skills should be on the top of the learning list.

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