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E-mail is a powerful tool in your marketing basket. Unfortunately, an e-mail marketing campaign will only result in new business if you have permission to send an e-mail. My challenge to you, today, is to get permission from at least two people a day and  add them to your e-mail marketing campaign. That translates to 10 new contacts a week and approximately 500 over the course of a year. What do you think the value is, if you have 500 people who are willing to receive your e-mails with information on your business, on a regular basis? As the saying goes, “Priceless”.


Almost every small business has an e-mail base of existing clients or potential clients; the goal is to add a minimum of 500 e-mails to your contact list, over the next 12 months. Each e-mail is only added with the permission of the recipient. The following are several suggestions to help you get started on this quest. The secret is to set a reasonable goal, as example, two per day, and then to meet that goal. Patience is a virtue and you must have both patience and consistency to build your business, one step at a time. Of course, your e-mail material must provide something of value and interest to those who receive it.


  • Call each member on your current e-mail list and ask them to give you a name of someone who can call, using them as a reference, for the purpose of adding them to your e-mail list. Make the call the day you get the referral.
  • Call friends and family members and ask them to provide the names of people you can calla, again using them as a reference, to add to your e-mail list.
  • Every time you meet someone new, as the opportunity arises, ask them if they would like to receive your very interesting and informative e-newsletter.
  • In all your marketing material, give people an opportunity to subscribe to your e-newsletter.
  • Use your imagination, ask your support group for their contacts; if you persist you will accomplish your goal. If the material you send out is worthwhile, you will get a good portion of these new contacts as clients. Be patient, remember it may take 7 or more contacts to make a sale.


No, if you have an effective e-mail campaign, it does not mean that you can eliminate personal contact (phone, visit, or video call) to all the people on your e-mail list. your data base is one of the most important assets in a business, treated it with care.


The ability to connect with others begins with understanding the value of people.


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