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Quick is important……

Had the pleasure of being a guest speaker this morning at the Business Wealth Club Scottsdale.  It is a great program and you can learn more about it at  A friend of mine, Doug Hecker, heads up the program and it really is a great business support group.

One of the topics discussed in the three-hour support session is my topic tonight, Quick is Important.  It refers to how fast we respond to prospects, clients and anyone else who wants to learn about our products and services.

When it’s all said and done, customer service is a critical component for business growth. That means:

  • Phone calls are answered quickly by a knowledgeable, live person.
  • There is not more than a 30  second hold time.
  • Return phone calls are made before the promised time.
  • There is an honest “I care about you” attitude in the voice that answers your phones.
  • E-mails and text message are answered within a two hour period.
  • Appointments are kept… always be early.
  • When someone enters your place of business, there is a warm, sincere  greeting
  • “Value information” in the form of e-newsletters is delivered consistently on the day they are due.
  • Products and services are delivered prior to the time promised.

The advantage that a small business has is that it can accomplish all the above-mentioned customer services even if it’s a one person business.  Systems and solutions exist so that any size small business can implement these procedures.

All of us have been frustrated by endless “push number” instructions issued by a machine while we are waiting to speak to someone who can answer a question. Big businesses, for the most part, don’t focus on providing quality customer service. Thus, as a small business we can get a share of their business that will make us profitable.

No, this alone may not be enough to grow a sustainable profitable business, but it is one of the most important business foundation pillars.

“God’s gift to us: potential. Our gift to God: developing it. “                              Author unknown

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