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What happened today……………….

Every day in our business lives is a new day. We have different experiences, we make some mistakes and we make some progress. Each day is a lesson lived and hopefully learned.

There is a caveat – each day new “things” are introduced to our human minds and, for many of us, our minds don’t retain all the important lessons learned. Thus, we repeat our mistakes and fail to implement many of the good things.

A common complaint that I hear from business owners is, “There just isn’t enough time.” They are busy all the time yet many things are left unfinished. Along with this common complaint is an unwillingness to implement a full time management process.

Over the years I have developed a simple system that provides a form of time management.  I mentioned early that repeating mistakes is a time waster and missing out on good ideas is another. Both of these are also an extra cost to the overall operation.

As a new client comes aboard I give them a notebook with the following instructions:

Between the time you are ready to leave work and before you go to bed, take a clean page in the notebook and answer the following questions:

  1. What good things happened today?
  2. What went wrong today?
  3. Did you have a new idea for your business today?

On our weekly sessions we review the previous week’s entries and use them as stepping stones to improve how we plan the following week.

Systems have changed, marketing plans and customer interaction has changed, and new ideas have been added, all which resulted in a much more efficient and  profitable business.

Being in business requires one to do a lot of little things right and this exercise is sometimes viewed as a nuisance. My challenge is for you to implement this system and carry it out for six weeks. The benefits received will encourage you to make this a part of your daily business life.

Since you can’t change time, you must instead change your approach to it.

Nick J. Petra CFP




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