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I don’t have enough……………

You can finish the sentence: time, money, people, experience……. “I don’t have enough….” Of whatever it is you don’t have enough of, is not necessarily a bad thing.

If you had all the money in the world to put into your business, you many never start your business. If something comes too easy, then a lot of the creative thinking disappears. In a new business or in an existing small business creativity is driven by not having the necessary resources.

Creativity is what grows a successful business. If your “I don’t have’s” cause you to give up or not to take a new direction with your business, then the lack of success falls totally on the shoulders of the owner.

A lack of time can be solved by better time management. I find that “time” is one of the most often given excuses for not growing a business.  My experience has shown that self-discipline is the main characteristic needed to implement an effective time management program.

Likewise, a lack of funds or a lack of people will challenge a business owner; options include giving up or working around these obstacles and by being creative, come up with solutions to overcome them.

Limited resources make one work with what is available, and that forces creativity to surface. Every business owner needs constraints in their business life in order to maximize his/her potential.

Limited resources teach another valuable lesson, that of patience. Patience allows a business to establish a better foundation, to analyze options, to look at alternative ways of bringing a   product or service to market.

The moral of this story is to encourage you to look at obstacles in your business as growth opportunities. Do the necessary research; work with your mentor/coach to work through difficulties.  The end results will be a better you and a better company.

If you limit your choices to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.                          Robert Fritz

Nick J. Petra CFP       One hour can give you great insights on how to grow your business; and the best news, it’s free.


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