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Getting noticed in today’s market place is difficult. With thousands of new web pages being added on a daily basis and being spammed by e-mail, how can a business owner climb above all that racket? Buying an ad on a TV show or radio station is like shooting an arrow into the sky and hoping that it hits something; not to mention the high cost of this type of advertising.

Working on the premise that you don’t have to get 100% of your target market as customers, there is an alternative way of growing your business. If you are willing to expend a little effort, the following may result in a business boom. The following is a step by step method for greatly increasing your exposure to your target market.

  • Make a list of everyone you know who knows who you are and with whom  you have a trust relationship. This includes personal and business contacts. This list will contain people that are not in your target market, but we will need them in this process. Gather contact information for each person on your list. An e-mail is essential and if possible, a telephone number and complete street address.
  • The next step is to clearly define your target market. Be as specific as possible.
  • Look at your target market list and make a list of other services that they may need in their business or personal lives. (This will vary depending 0n whether  your target market is a business or you work directly with a consumer.)
  • Identify those services or products that are common to everyone in your target market. For example, a CPA, and attorney, a dentist, office supplies, etc….
  • Go back to the contact list you developed and see if anyone on your list also provides services to your target market.
  • If you were not able to find someone in each of the categories, go back to  your list of people and ask them for a name of someone they know and have a relationship with in the category you need.
  • The initial goal is to get five service/product providers that your target market uses. If each of you have a total of 100 contact,, then there is a potential of 600 contacts that you can all share.
  • Have a meeting and share the marketing opportunity you have by all working together. If one does not agree, find another until you have your goal of six.
  • Have each person contact their list and get permission to send them a “value based newsletter” (you have to create your own name for the support group).
  • Meet with your group twice a month and work on sending out a monthly e-newsletter telling the purpose of your group and the trust relationship between its members. Each member has to contribute an article each month.

I put these groups together with my consulting clients. It’s a labor intensive process and usually takes about one month to finalize. The rewards have been great for the participants.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy; do the work and repeat the rewards.

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