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Community Economics


Just returned from a week in a small town outside of Atlanta; my gift to myself was to avoid watching the news or reading newspapers. The town I stayed in had a population of just fewer than 4,000 people and was located at an intersection of two freeways; there were several other small towns about ten miles apart.

The doom and gloom I left behind, shutting down the government and the possibility defaulting on our national debt, was not present in these small towns. I found myself melding into these communities..

I visited with both owners and employees; there was open optimism about tomorrow. It seemed that the world these small town business owners lived in is a different world than the one I left.

Being in a small town with very few national chains or large businesses, the existing businesses all “feed” off each other. Their clientele is mostly local residents with occasional tourist traffic. There is no nearby large tourist attraction so these communities became self-sufficient. Population growth is small but steady so there is room for future growth.

I know the mantra, “we are a world economy”, but in this case, this is an example of community economics. This is how our nation first started its business growth.

For those of you that are thinking of starting a new business or adding additional products and services to your current business, take some time and integrate your proposed target market with your “community economics”. By taking this approach you can build your future business to cater to an existing customer base which is easy to reach.

While big business is growing so are small businesses. These small business, providing American goods and services, are the future of our economic survival.

I support small business as I support “made in America”   products. I buy services, whenever possible, that are provided by local businesses or American owned businesses that employs people in our own country.

The real voyage of discovery consists….in seeing with new eyes.                            Marcel Proust

Nick J. Petra CFP


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