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You have to “want to”………….

Achievement is a “want to”; it may require hard work and perseverance, but without the “want to” success cannot be reached.

A business plan, a marketing plan or any other type of plan, in and of itself, will not work unless it is accompanied by hard work and perseverance.

I have just fired myself from working with a client. Over the past several months I have spent time with the owners, listened to their goals and spent many hours developing a full business and marketing plan. I spent the last month encouraging them to begin the implementation process, but to no avail.

A little background; their two year old company has struggled since its inception. Both owners have always worked for someone else, and this was their first venture in their own business. They brought with them the 8 to 5 mentality with weekends considered “free “time. Their initial enthusiasm and a little capital carried them to this point; but growth has been slow and the future did not look, in their opinion, very bright. I was recommended by another client and worked with them in defining their business, their operational system and target market. At the end of our planning session I felt that they had a lot of possibilities and great growth and profit potential.

Any type of success, business or personal, requires a dedication to hard work and perseverance; it may include “burning the candle at both ends” until a certain plateau is reached. These clients are now waiting for the plans we developed to make their company grow without any effort on their part. In this case, I know that they will be back at work for someone else with an expensive lesson learned.

During this past economic down turn  I have spoken to several groups of unemployed people.  My format was a three hour interactive seminar in which we explored the possibility of starting their own businesses.  At the end of the seminar I asked them to write me a note, and tell me what they plan to do with the information they had gather at the seminar. I asked them not to put their names on the notes. After the seminar, I offered a free one-on-one, business planning session to explore their ideas about starting a business.

Out of approximately 60 people I have had 3 take me up on my offer, and they are now working in their own businesses. The balance indicated that they did not have the “energy” or the desire to put that much effort into a business.

Bringing it down to a personal level, how many New Year’s resolutions have you made which you have not kept? Where would you be now if you had accomplished all your goals?

The old saying…” you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” certainly applies to many of us

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