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Agile management…. is it time yet????????????

My daughter works in a company that has adopted the Agile management system to their entire operation; it’s a growth company currently employing 22 people. She is a great believer in the Agile system and asked me to write a few words about it.

Agile project management is one of the latest project management strategies that is mainly applied to project management practice in software development. Technology is the logical place to use this management system. The sector is changing fast, and the owners must quickly develop a service that users are prepared to pay for.

“The concept behind Agile management is built around a flexible approach.  It is appropriate for new or fast-moving businesses, for those in a fast changing environment or for highly complex situations, where managers are feeling their way forward to find the optimum business model.”

Agile project management has become “the buzz word” in the rapidly changing technology field since its introduction approximately 15 years ago. I know several software people that work in this type of an environment with their main function being to stay ahead in the fast changing digital game field. If you Google the word agile you will find hundreds of courses teaching the system and a lot of information on the overall concept.

What I found interesting is that my daughter does not work for a software company, but the small firm has adopted the Agile Project Management philosophy. As new projects come on-line a team is formed to accomplish the desired results without a hierarchy of management involvement. This company is on a fast-growth path and is accomplishing astonishing results in the delivery of their services.

Each team is in constant contact with their customers and feedback occurs on a daily basis. By engaging the user of their services they can make adjustments on the “fly” and provide a much faster delivery model.

Agile Project Management is a complex system; my purpose is to introduce the term and a very simplified definition of its meaning. I believe that this system will be used in the future by many companies that are working in our rapidly changing environment. I hope to learn more about applying this same system to all businesses.

Change is the only constant in our business lives and Agile Management is a prime example.

Nick J. Petra CFP  

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