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Unless you are a mega business or the service /product that you offer is only available through your company, you need to answer the phone with a human voice. Technology is great but the human touch tells a story; you care about the caller.

Earlier this week I had an “emergency need” for an electrician. The first three calls were answered by “the company name, followed by please leave a message.” My fourth call was answered by a “real person”.  To make a long story short, I arranged for the work to be done and I now have an electrician that I will be using for myself and referring to others. A side note, all my calls were made between 10 and 11am on a weekday.

To many callers, a recorded message can send several messages, including:

  • I don’t have the staff or the time to help you.
  • I don’t care about your businesses.

What is your excuse for not having a real person answering your business phone?

Let’s examine a few inexpensive phone answering options:

  • Use your cell phone number as your main business contact number.
  • Train a family member to answer your phone and set appointments.
  • Have a second cell phone to be used only for emergencies.  Give this number to the person answering your phone.
  • When leaving the office, call forward your phone to a support person.
  • Answering services are also an option. They are trainable to correctly handle your customers.
  • Create a job for a stay at home person (or two) that can handle your calls.

If your incoming business relies on telephone calls, then a live voice that answers your calls is a critical marketing tool to supplement the rest of your marketing efforts.

This is a short blog with a very important message… take action if this applies to you.

Avoid shortcuts. They always take too much time in the long run.

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