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Veterans,the American Flag, and small business……….

I believe that small business is the string that holds our country together and makes it great. As small business owners we have an additional responsibility and that is to protect the rights upon which our country was founded.

There are small business owners that care; one  example is a small business owner last week hired a marine who finished his tour 5 months ago and was unable to get a job. This young man served in the Middle East under some difficult circumstances and came home to take care of his wife and young son.  I applaud this business owner for going the extra mile and hiring a person who did not have all the educational qualifications needed for the job but because of his service record and positive interview, knew he could train him.

Today I attended a small town Veterans Day celebration. There was a band and a few displays with pictures of all the conflicts from WWII forward. About 150 people were in attendance, mostly veterans and their wives.  Speeches were given and afterwards they gathered in groups to share experiences.  This patriotic event was held in the town center, surrounded by 50 to 60 small businesses. I was sorry to say that I did not see one store that was closed or show any acknowledgement of the significance of this day. These veterans made it possible for us to have a business. I don’t think that a sign on the door saying, “closed to attend a ceremony honoring our veterans” was asking too much.

Most of those in attendance had a flag on their person, usually a pin or patch of some sort. The words “In God we Trust” were prevalent on many of the patches. I wear a flag pin on my label whenever I wear a jacket, but I realized today that I am remiss in not having a flag in my office.

I sometimes feel that our core values, those upon which we were raised, are slipping away. As individuals we should be fiercely independent, not dependent upon our government to take care of us. As business owners we have to keep our businesses in the black. Is that too much to ask of our government? If we don’t work to keep our businesses profitable, we don’t “eat”.   Why should millions of our fellow countrymen expect a government hand-out for survival? And yes, I want to be in charge of my own medical decisions. I also am upset with the growing national debt and the fact that the largest and fastest growing business is our government which is funded by our tax dollars.

I don’t want to get on my “soapbox,” but as small business owners we have to take charge of our own destiny and restore our core values. I will have a flag in my office tomorrow.

Freedom is not valuable until it is lost…………….

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