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Social media….it staarts with learning the basics……

My job is to help people realize their dreams by providing the keys to growing a sustainable and profitable business. That is my expertise!

In order to do my job I have to know enough about what is going on in the business world in the areas of marketing and management to provide the necessary guidance to my clients. I have to know which business tools are good and which don’t work. I have to know about new methods of marketing and management.

I-pads and smart phones are no longer luxuries; they are a necessary tool in any size business. Yes, I have an I-phone and an I-pad, but ownership alone does not mean that I know how to maximize the benefits of those two tools. Tools take time to master and our neighborhood Apple store has awesome, free, courses in how to use, for example, an I-pad. I spent an hour this evening at the Apple store learning more about the I-pad. I can now demonstrate to my clients some of the benefits that an I-pad provides in operating a business. I am not a teacher on this subject, but I know the benefits and where to send my clients to learn.

Social media is a tool that needs to be worked. Don’t believe all the hype about how you can become an instant millionaire. The people spreading those rumors make money by convincing you to buy their books and attend their seminars.

Social media is a marketing tool that is available to all business types: the doctor, the plumber, the insurance sales person, etc… It is a relatively inexpensive medium to use, but like any other tool, it takes time and experience for its implementation.  Going back to my first paragraph, I am not a social media expert but I have seen how it has helped my clients who took the time to understand its power and then implemented it into their overall marketing plan. Again the learning process, I attend seminars, read books and study on-line, not for the purpose of teaching the subject, but for knowing how to guide my clients and how to best direct them in their social media marketing efforts.

Social media will not save a business that is on the verge of bankruptcy; it is not a quick fix solution. My experience has been that it takes at least six months to actually see some benefits and that is only if the person implementing your social media marketing program knows what they are doing.

As a business owner you must know enough about the subject to hire the right person to implement your social media marketing. In a small company it has to be outsourced. As the company grows this can become and “in-house” program. I am spending another two hours tomorrow afternoon attending an “educational seminar” on social media and its many marketing facets.( I will share what I learn in a future blog) I encourage each of my clients to have a budget for implementing their social media marketing and to start the process ASAP.

Don’t be the last to get on the social media wagon; you may be too late…..

Nick J. Petra CFP  join  today.

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