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Landing page…is yours working for you???

One on One is, I believe,  the most powerful type of marketing. In person you can:

  • Make a good first impression
  • Tell your compelling story
  • Emphasize the need for your benefits
  • Ask for the order

Even though it is said that you only have a few seconds to make a first impression, when meeting in person with a prospect you have the precious commodity of time. Before such a meeting we spend time on preparation, from the clothes we wear to the words we use in the greeting, in telling our story, describing our benefits and asking for the “order”. We carefully prepare any supplemental marketing material that we give to our prospect.

The problem with using only “One on One” marketing is the lack of “reach”. The internet gives us that needed “reach” to communicate with a larger portion of our target market in a shorter period of time.

A landing page is where visitors “land” after clicking a link. Its main purpose is much the same function as described in a “One on One” meeting.  The big difference is that you have, on average, approximately 8 seconds to grab the visitor’s attention.     Some of the objectives that a landing page must offer include:

  • Create trust and credibility
  • Provide information needed to make a decision
  • Answer the question, “Do I need this for my business?”
  • Have a call to action.

A landing page is your gateway to your business. This is not the place to save. Many things are components of a good landing page, even such small things as the font and colors that are used. Interaction with social media has to be examined.  Invest in a professional and check references.

I hear clients complain that that statistics show that they are getting “initial” traffic to their site, but no leads or action is taken. That will only change is you change your landing page and perhaps the rest of your site.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, use it wisely.

Nick J. Petra CFP

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