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Ffill all the empty time slots in your day planner….

One of the main reasons a business owner hires a coach is to get help in growing the bottom line. Along the way in the coaching process I usually conduct a time management study with my client, especially if the business owner is also the responsible party for bringing in new business.

There is no secret to the basic method I use to determine a client’s time management habits. I provide him a week- at-a-glance calendar sheet, with each day being divided into half hour segments. The time starts with 7am and ends at 9 pm. I ask for a commitment to track an entire week by making a short entry in each half hour segment. To make things more interesting I also provide a colored clip board along with an unusual pen attached to the clip board with a string. Its purpose is to help remind my client of the commitment to keep an accurate and timely record.

There is a half hour session in preparation for this exercise which helps define how and when to fill in each time slot.

I bring this time management subject up again and again because it is one of the most important foundation building steps in increasing the bottom line. Time and how it is used is the key to the implementation of a strategic focus marketing plan that has to produce positive short term results.

A strategic focus marketing plan includes a time management and accountability section. Each segment of the marketing plan is prioritized and assigned a time slot.

The most difficult part of this learning process is being able to make this a permanent habit. In my experience the habit building takes three months of constant focus. (Helping with accountability is one of my main functions as a coach).

The positive results from this process can start appearing within the first month. By the end of the third month marketing systems have been implemented and the bottom line is showing the benefits.

Success consists of a plan, discipline and a commitment.

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