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It won’t work……….

There is a “real world” and an “in our head world”; I happen to believe in the “in our head world”. Too many people share an idea with friends, business acquaintances or family and the most frequently heard words are “it won’t work in the real world”.

Hundreds or perhaps thousands of implementable ideas may have perished because of these discouraging remarks. The “real world”, in my opinion, is filed with pessimism and a place where new ideas are ejected in favor of “what is”.

If you have an idea for expanding your existing business or starting a new one, then do it!

Avoid being led to the path of Positive Thinking will get you there. I believe that positive thinking is good. There also has to be positive action, and there has to be a laser-like focus on your idea along with an achievement process to reach your goal.

If you have an idea and you believe in it, then put your whole heart and mind in the planning process to test its viability. No, the idea alone will not assure you of obtaining “untold wealth” if you start the business, but a Viability Focus Plan may be the best investment you could ever make.

The plan is not very complicated but it requires some time, effort and expense. The development of the plan includes:

  • Target market study
  • Competition study
  • Budget to bring the product/service to market
  • Critical time factors
  • Preliminary plan development

The initial expense involved is relatively small for the benefits derived. Depending upon the complexity of the products or services that are planned, a Viability Focus Plan will take one to three months.

Taking the extra time to complete such a plan eliminates the possibility of quitting a job and borrowing money to start a business that may not be viable in today’s market.

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.                                                                                             William Jennings Bryan

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