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Is yours a great story???????????????

Telling your story is an important part of marketing yourself first and then your services or products. Every business owner has to have a story to share with prospective clients.  In my opinion your story sets the footprint for your future relationship with your prospects.

As business owners we are told to write our story, the only problem is we are never told what the best way is to accomplish the task.

The following are a few guidelines that may help you.

  • A great story has story be true. Be who you are in your story, people will know if you are sincere.
  • A great story implies a  promise of possible benefits story
  • A great  story is strong and bold
  • A great story doesn’t tell all it knows, it leaves a desire to hear more.
  • A great story is built upon a foundation of trust.
  • A great story is short, it makes a powerful first impression.
  • A great story appeals to the heart.
  • A great story is geared to the audience; it makes them feel safe, smart and secure.

A great story takes time to build. It can’t be finished in one sitting and it continuously changes as you  do. If you have a story, read it in light of the above mentioned points. If you don’t have a story, start working on yours today.

Trust is formed by a leader’s character and credibility.

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