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Make 2014 a success…………….

The worst statement you can make now is “Wait till next year”! I enjoy the beauty of Christmas, the family, the business of the season, visiting with friends, etc.  but, if I get caught up in this, and postpone working on and in my business until after the first of the year,  I will lose the first quarter of 2014.

Successful change has to start today, same with new plans and goals for the business. In addition to normal business this should be the very busiest time of the year. If your other business friends are taking it easy, don’t get caught in the trap of “wait till next year”.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that business is always slow at this time of the year, the reason it’s slow is because you make it slow. For me the season of Advent is a season of preparation and that should hold true for our business lives as well.

Make a list of things that you have to do this year. The following is a partial list of what I have to do:

  • Review the first 11 months of this year. Make a list of what I did right and what I need to correct.
  • Finish my goals for 2014, prioritize them and complete an accountability plan for the top three.
  • Contact all my clients that I have done work with the past two years and give them a personal call. The call has a dual purpose, to thank them for their business and to share with them how I can help them next year.
  • Send out my end of the year e-newsletter to all my friends and clients.
  • Have my website looked at by my designer and see if he has any suggestions for improving my landing page.
  • Review my community service activities and see if there have to be any additions or deletions.
  • Select a new organization to get involved in.
  • Share my goals with my support group to help me with my accountability.

My actual list is a lot longer and includes routing housekeeping chores but these are my major efforts to increase my bottom line in 2014.

Yes, this is a lecture but my experience has shown that many small business owners tell me that they are “winding down” the year and will “gear up” again after the first of they year.  My job as a coach is to build a “momentum base” which will inspire a running start tomorrow, not next year.

Invest in yourself by employing a coach to walk with you and to help you achieve your goals.

Nick J. Petra CFP      I can be reached at   a free introductory visit can be scheduled yet this year.


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