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Believing in people’s potential…………..

If people believe in themselves and their ideas, then I believe that they are slated for greatness.

Zig Ziglar wrote “Man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

There are certain things that come first in life, spirituality and family are the two most important. After that, if a person believes that they can succeed, then the only things that are stopping him are commitment and the willingness to learn how to reach that dream.

If 2014 is going to be that “break out year”, either in your existing business, as a commissioned sales person, or by starting a new business, invest in your future by surrounding yourself with the people that can help you reach your goal.

In my 25-plus years as a business coach, I know that the people who took a step to find support have greatly increased their chances for success.  I am a member of several groups of business mentors and coaches and we all concur, based on actual results, that if the investment is made in seeking support and there is accountability for implementation, the chances for success increase dynamically.

One question that is frequently asked is “how do I select my consultant/coach/mentor?” May I suggest the following:

  • First and foremost the decision is reached in the “gut” of the client.
  • Next come the testimonials and the value you place on the proposal made.
  • Most good business coaches have a “caring heart”. Find out about their community service and how they are “giving back.”
  • Are they available to you by phone, e-mail or skype, at no charge in-between visits?
  • Ask them what are the three most important areas of support that they offer. Hopefully their answers will include the development of the business plan, it’s implementation through accountability, and a strong marketing plan within the business plan.

Taking the next step always involves a risk, a risk to step out of your “comfort box” and to trust another person to walk with you in your business life.

Take another leap of faith and invest $60 in a one year subscription to Explore the site, make it a point to return to it at least once a week and implement the support that best applies to your business. P.S. it’s also a business expenseJ.

Don’t wait until next month to implement a growth program;  procrastination is always a step towards failure.

Nick J. Petra CFP 

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