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A bribe to get you to spend $60

Yearend planning is a dream…. It is formatted in our minds and we dream of the great things we will accomplish.

Without a formalized daily plan it is virtually impossible to reach a goal.

Several years ago I put together a great seven week plan with daily (five day a week) work assignments.

This process requires self-discipline and a desire to grow your business. It’s not an easy, feel good book, but one that will challenge you to complete a lot of work in a very short period of time.

It will help you build a solid foundation upon which a business can be grown and it will enable you to far exceed your expectations.

I have used this book with my clients that wanted to grow their businesses  but needed a strict daily “how to” regiment.

My bribe and really my gift to you is twofold. First, I ask you to go to  and subscribe. Add this subscription to your business expense for the year and explore the site for its current content. Then go back frequently as new material in the areas of leadership, finance, marketing and technology are added on a a regular basis. You will find that this subscription is worth more than a hundred times what you paid for it if you apply its contents to your business growth.

The second part of my bribe is a free, hard copy of my book “Seven Weeks to Increased Profits” to all who subscribe between now and the end of the year.

Take my challenge and subscribe to and then spend seven weeks with your free book as a guide. I truly believe that you will discover a new you and a great profitable business.

I can only offer….you have to do the rest……………if you have been following my blog, take the next step..

Nick J. Petra CFP      your comments are welcome.



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