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Eliminate your comfort zone…………………

Bold and courageous or warm and fuzzy; these are your business life choices. Take a look at your vision statement and the steps you designed to help you make it a reality. Is it “more of the same”?  Have you dared to take a risk?

Unfortunately, the “warm and fuzzy” approach seems to be the dominant approach. If your business is doing well, you still have to look at new growth tactics to stay ahead of competition and to keep up with the change demanded by consumers.

If your business is slow, then doing what you did last year will more than likely get you less than you got before.

As a business owner you no longer get to call the “shots”; they are now in the hands of the consumer. In this new era of instant answers consumers have a wide range of choices when looking for products or services. Change and innovation are the magic words, and they both require constant change in products/service design and the method of delivery. Social media is reshaping the aspects of all businesses and constant innovation is the key to future growth.

I dare you (the title of a book written many years ago by William Danforth) to look at your business as an adventure. Get off the beaten path and create your own, unique path to reach your vision. Take an inner look at yourself. Are you satisfied that you are doing everything possible to differentiate yourself in your business? Are you afraid of what might happen if you risk change?

The business planning process has remained stagnant for many years. Coaches and consultants use the same planning outline that once was considered innovative, but now is nothing more than a “warm and fuzzy” and is often an  ineffective but easy to deliver planning system. Books and seminars on how to develop and implement a vision also take the risk free approach.

The challenge is simple; start with a clean sheet of paper and redevelop your vision. Next, develop an unconventional approach to getting there. Dare to be different.

All successful men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future  could be, ideal in every aspect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.  Brian Tracy

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