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What are the most powerful and cost-effective ways to find new clients? From a service industry prospective, the two I most frequently hear about are referrals from current clients and second is networking.  My opinion as well as results from a recent survey, none of these is the correct answer. I want to distinguish first between types of clients. There are two: New Clients and The Best New clients.

The sourcing survey I referenced above made the distinction between clients and best new clients. The following are the results: (results from a survey of highly successful  financial services professionals)

Majority of New clients:

  • Client referrals                                  72.2%
  • Centers of influence                       11.1%
  • Networking                                        7.0%
  • Non-client referrals                        4.7%
  • Sponsored events                           3.3%
  • Social media                                       1.3%

The Best new clients:

  • Centers of influence                       66.1%
  • Client referrals                                  29.8%
  • Networking                                        2.3%
  • Non-client referrals                        0.8%
  • Sponsored events                           0.7%
  • Social media                                       0.2%

Do you want numbers as clients or do you want only the best clients?  Look at the survey; where are your current marketing efforts directed? Although this survey was conducted with a specific group of service providers, I believe that it holds true in any service business where trust is a major factor.

Let’s define a “Center of Influence”. It is a person who is in a position or in a business that tends to have great influence with the best prospects in your target market. As a general rule these people are deeply involved in their communities, both socially and politically.

Defining your centers of influence and then establishing your creditability and trust is an important part of marketing.  I have a brief “how to” outline for developing centers of influence. I will publish it this week under marketing on

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