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Your days to reach a goal are finite……….

It’s the beginning of another year; there are a lot of days left. Goals have been set and the year is off to a bright start.  You just have to get yourself mentally set to start the journey to success.

The first 15 days into a new plan are the most critical. The first few days the adrenaline is keeping you mentally into the process; it’s what happens next that will determine its success or failure.

A good plan has an end date, a date by which the goal is to be reached. Each of the daily steps developed into an action plan have to be accomplished within the allotted time. It is like building a block house. If one of the blocks is missing, it weakens the foundation and the entire structure many collapse.

The challenge is to focus on the next block that has to be placed in the foundation.  The finished building (your goal) has been defined and the vision is there, but now all attention should be on the placement of the next block.

A good exercise is to look at your “how to reach your goal plan” and make sure that it is broken down into achievable daily steps. Looking at a plan that has a vision and action items that have to be completed to reach that vision is useless unless it is broken down into bite size steps. Most plans don’t have daily steps; take your plan and the time necessary to expand it into a daily action plan. No, you don’t write out hundreds of daily plans, you break the plan into monthly, weekly and then a repeatable daily plan.

Accountability is the ribbon that ties the “plan bundle” into an achievable reality. Being accountable to yourself is good, but it’s a good idea to have a back-up support system.  Make a commitment to use one of the following:

  • A support group that meets with you on a weekly basis.
    • A coach or mentor that meets with you on a weekly basis

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.      T.S. Eliot

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