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Business Building Team………..

This is a variation of the “Mater Mind” group that has become popular in the last decade.

Yesterday I wrote about staying connected. This Business Building Team is a structured method of staying connected with people that will share their stories, listen to your story and offer support along the way as you grow your business.

The ideal team size is between 12 and 15 members. They are not randomly selected. I developed a criteria questionnaire to make sure that each group that is formed is compatible. Once the application is approved, the next step is an interview during which commitment to the process is discussed.

The interview process takes an in-depth look at the applicant and the business; also discussed is the company vision and the reason for wanting to join. I believe that this human contact process is more effective than forming a group on the basis of a personality test.

The meetings are held twice a month for a three hour period. While a structure is in place, the meeting allows for open discussion and at the same time making sure that all team members have a chance to share.  Each team is made up of different disciplines in order to avoid any shared confidences getting into a competitors hands. There is also an educational component as part of the team meetings.

The Business Building Team has a Code of Ethics which covers confidentiality, participation and a number of other important issues that form the foundation for the group.

Each team has a facilitator that hosts the meeting and handles all the physical arrangements and meeting notices and, as a mentor/coach, is a source of additional business support to the team. Additional support is available to the team members between meetings.

My goal when forming a team is to make it the most significant business event for its members. The team meeting format, the support and the quality of the rest of the team will make this a “never want to miss” event. Its purpose is to help each of the  team members run their business more efficiently and to benefit from the wisdom and experience of the rest of the team members.

E-mail me at for more information on becoming part of a new Business Building Team.

The person who plants few seeds will have a small crop; the one who plants many seeds will have a large crop.

Nick J. Petra CFP            Come plant your seeds with a Business Building Team and watch them grow.


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