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One shoe does not fit all….especially in the world of business support….

As a business owner you are an individual with your own vision of where you want to go and how you hope to get there. I don’t believe that your personal business journey can be slipped into a shoe that everyone else wears. The shoe I am speaking about is a “canned” business plan. These business plans no matter what name they go by or who sells them,( individual consultants, seminar planning sessions, books, etc.), are for the most part, not tailor made for your particular business.

The latest method that receives the most publicity is adopted by many “consultants” and they follow the outline presented in helping you fit into that shoe. I admit that there are some good, workable suggestions in all processes, and by implementing those suggestions, your business will move forward.

My concern is a lack of “innovation” or” individualization”, which can be formatted into a specially designed “shoe” that can grow with you.

If you truly believe that you are an individual, no matter the stage of your business or its size, an off-the- shelf business plan that you fill in the blanks won’t  give you the long lasting support necessary to achieve sustainability and profitability for your business. Likewise, weekend business planning seminars that profess to help you design your own business plan over a two day period along with hundreds of other people, sound real good until you get home and start the implementation process.

As you know, I am an advocate of having a support system (consultant or coach or mentor) on your business life journey.  There are  lots of books and seminars on how these consultants can get business but very few books that tell a business owner how to interview a prospective support person. The selection process is usually based on the presentation that is made and the cost that is charged. While testimonials provide some information, I believe that an individually structured interview, by the business owner, that gives the prospective consultant an opportunity to show the individuality that is needed is the best method. Included in the interview is a discussion  of the values that the consultant brings and the methods used in designing the process.

The selection process for a consultant is one of the most important decisions that a business owner can make. I can’t give you a proposal until I know who and what you are and who and what your business is.

Step out of the ordinary! Dare to be different! Settle only for the best!

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