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Welfare….lousy economy….no good paying jobs, etc……………….

Are these words the future for the American Workforce?  If so, whose fault is it? Is it the government for making “handouts” too easy to obtain? Is it big business? Is it because the minimum wage is to low? Is it because the workforce in 3rd world countries works for much less? I could go on and list several more “so called” reasons as to why we find ourselves in our current economic woes.

This coming Tuesday the President is going to give us his reasons for our current problems as well as offer solutions. I believe he is going to miss the real reason. Unless there is a drastic mind-set change on his part, it will be more of the same rhetoric. All the non-workable solutions that have been offered may cause some to believe that our nation is back on the road to recovery.

There is no short term solution to our problems that have been growing for the past several decades. Raising the minimum wage or extending unemployment or trying to equalize income are non-lasting, feel good solutions that don’t attack the real problem.

In my opinion, there are four areas in which we can re-start our climb to becoming the Nation our forefathers envisioned:

  1.  The family: the deterioration of the family unit has left children without a good foundation. Without a strong family foundation, both the adults and children are influenced by social, feel good pressure, and live their lives for their own personal gratification.
  2. Education: in some schools passing children from grade to grade without   learning anything is the way to get future funding. Schools, by virtue of the time that children spend in the classroom, are in a position to provide quality education and establish values.  We need a return to basics and away from the “politics” that are part of our school system.
  3. Place of Worship:  a place where we gather to share our faith in God. We are also charged to help others and helping means working with the less fortunate to help them learn how to provide for themselves,(giving them the fishing pole instead of the fish).
  4. Small business owners: we struggle to grow our business, yet we are in the best position to reach out and help others learn from us. Reach out to those less fortunate and share your story and dedication to working as a small business.

It might take one or more generations to instill individual pride back into our citizens, but we have to start now and to persevere.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people  to do nothing.   Edmund Burke

Nick J. Petra CFP                 


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