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Several weeks ago I wrote an article on Immediately applicable business education….IABE”my purpose was to draw attention to the immediacy of needed answers for small business problems. A small business owner, who has, for example a marketing problem, cannot go to school and get a degree in marketing to solve a current crisis.

I know that a business degree from a “real business school” is well worth the time and effort, but when the life of the business needs an answer now, that degree option will not work.

I am looking for 40 volunteers to fill two 20 person class rooms where I will present the concept of having IABE at a very reasonable cost. The two sessions, one morning and one evening will cover, in detail, the who, what and where of such a program. The following are a few of the main points:

  • Sessions will be approximately one and one-half hours in length
  • Each session will be taught by instructors who have had hands on experience in the topic.
  • Each session will have immediately applicable information
  • The cost per session will be $30 or less.

These first two sessions are critical as they will serve  as a focus groups to determine the validity for establishing such a program. There is no charge for the session and a continental breakfast will be served for the morning session and snacks for the evening session. The date will be a weekday in the second week of March.

These two focus groups will last approximately one hour and will provide a sample of the topics that are being considered, a short educational presentation and great useable handouts.

The make-up of the focus groups should include: those wanting to start a business, owners of small to medium businesses and commission sales people.

There are a lot more support items that will be offered, and a lot of them will be explained at our focus group meetings. If you have an interest in helping me with this program and can attend either a morning or afternoon session, please call me at 602-989-1592.

I am always looking for more ways to help our Nation grow strong by supporting small business owners.

Nick J. Petra CFP



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