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Urgent versus Essential……….

Urgency creates action. It dominates anything else that needs to be accomplished. These urgent tasks rise to the forefront of what needs to be done today.

How many times in your business life have you had to push aside everything else to take care of an urgent issue? I find that when a “to do” list is prioritized; the top items are urgent and use up most of the energy that a business owner has for that day.

In several cases I found that the list was prioritized using the following criteria:

  • Ease of completion
  • Provides a “feel -good” result to the person doing the task.
  • Has been avoided for a long period of time
  • Can be shown as having “worked hard” to others.

It’s not enough to make a list and prioritize it; next to each item on the list there has to be another column which states the result of that completed action. Prioritization should be made based on achieving the best long term results.  It’s understood that a crises or a deadline-driven project can be classified as being urgent and takes priority, but a lot of other actions such as making phone calls, opening mail, some meetings, and self-pleasing (escape activities)are not urgent.

When periodization is made using the result list, a new dynamic takes place;

  • Those items take more effort
  • Are harder to complete
  • Are not popular tasks
  • Are not immediately recognized as having brought great results
  • They lead towards achieving the company vision

Step back and make a list of what kept you busy this past week. Make a list of your accomplishments. Did you even have a daily list? What where the top three things you accomplished this past week? Did you get closer to realizing your company vision? How much more could you have accomplished if……?

If you don’t have a coach to keep you on track, then it’s up to you to discipline yourself.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are minor matters compared to what lies within us. Walt Emerson.

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