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Learn to let go…………….

Many business owners have a hard time letting go of their responsibilities. If you have only one employee or 10, a business founder cannot continue doing the same work as well as supervising staff. The client that brought this issue to my attention just hired his 3rd employee, and he complains that he has more to do now than when he was alone. The overhead was greatly increased with the addition of three people, but the bottom line did not grow proportionally.

In a week long time-analysis it was determined that the owner was micro-managing his staff, and even though they were assigned responsibilities, he was the final decision maker.

As a new client I asked him what hiring criteria he used and if I could see his hiring questionnaire and notes on each staff member. As I suspected, he could not produce any documentation on the hiring process. All the new staff was hired based on how he felt about them during the interview.

The next task was to make a list of everything the owner did during a weeklong period. I then asked him to prioritize them according to what he felt was most important.

Writing a job description for each of his employees was also an “ah-ha” moment. They were working from verbal instructions and doing what was important that particular day. At the same time we developed a  strengths  and weaknesses list for each of the staff taken from the owner’s perspective.

The combination of these efforts allowed us to assign additional responsibilities to each of the staff according to their capabilities and also to start a cross training system so that each was familiar with what the other staff members did.

Training or coaching was the owner’s next responsibility.  He had a good staff that need quality time from the owner and instructions on how to best perform their duties so that they met (hopefully exceeded) the owner‘s expectations.

This entire process was a critical building stone for future growth and we took almost a month to develop and implement the procedure outlined above.

We were able to see measurable results as a result thru these actions and now we can concentrate on plans to grow the business.

Just like in the army, basic training is also critical in a business.

Nick J. Petra CFP     Call me to help with your basic training. Still need people for my March 8th focus group. Please contact me at  if you can spare an hour.



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