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Exactly what is coaching?????????????????

Coaching is an ever evolving and changing discipline. My favorite definition is: “coaching is an empowering process of drawing out solutions from people through effective listening, asking great questions, using feedback, appreciating and continuously supporting people to take ownership, and to be accountable for taking action to realize their goals. “ I borrowed this definition from a book written by jack Canfield and Dr. Peter Chee.

Coaching is a discipline made up of many different facets. There is no one agenda that will fit all types of businesses and business owners. For the past 25 years I have allowed my clients to help define their needs as well as their gifts and together we set a course for achieving business greatness.

In our world of helping business owners grow, there are three different words that identify a type of support: consultant, mentor and coach. There are books written on each subject, each trying to set boundaries for each method, trying to differentiate one from the others.

I personally differentiate the three words by saying that they all have similar objectives but that coaching has more of a heart- to-heart relationship between the coach and the client.  This special relationship requires more of a scrutiny in the hiring and acceptance process on the part of both client and coach.

The coaching relationship is more open, with more give and take, more listening and understanding and a deeper belief in the capacity of each party.

In my opinion, the mentor and consulting roles are somewhat more structured. Eventually all three methods of support will travel similar paths in some areas; plans and accountability are a part of all three functions as are the re-evaluating and redefining of goals.

Coaching is also a more encompassing process. It can be an evolution that has its seeds in the consulting or mentoring process and the owner finds that he is ready for a longer lasting and a deeper support system.

Next comes the critical question; “How can a business owner determine what to look for when hiring business support?” My answer is to rely upon a gut feeling during the interview process once credentials and testimonials have been checked. A good consultant, coach or mentor will go through the same process in determining if there is a connection upon which to build.

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Nick J. Petra CFP   My goal is to help you achieve greatness in your field of endeavor.


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