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Instant marketing changes all………

In the not too distant past it took anywhere from several day to several weeks to get your marketing information to your target audience. Now marketing is instantaneous and also, due to the internet, less expensive. The result is that the majority of marketing efforts are not read; I heard a figure of 82% of marketing material received on the internet is not read.

Instant marketing has arrived, but sending an e-mail, blog, etc. to a target market is no longer enough. If that is your current marketing program your message will not get through the clutter.

At a breakfast meeting this morning one of our support group spoke on the subject of mobile apps and their importance today and in the future as the preferred way of disseminating information. He also mentioned the large number of websites that are in existence and are being added every day that cannot be opened on a smart phone. These are but  two examples of many, that need to be addressed.

In another article I recently read that businesses should take a proactive approach by using social media tools.

What does all this mean?

  • While marketing material dissemination is not expensive, the cost has shifted to the proper preparation of this material. This requires having people on staff or hiring outside expertise to help with all the latest marketing tools.
  • Target market segmentation is more critical now than ever before. With so much excess material being delivered, knowing exactly what your target market will respond to is important.
  • Instant delivery also means that your material can be delivered at a specific time. Does your target market like to go through their mail first thing in the morning?  Depending upon who the target market is, lunch or the last thing in the working day may be better alternatives for delivering your message.

Marketing requires a budget. In my opinion the more business you have the bigger your budget has to become in order to have business sustainability and profitability. Spend money on marketing support so that you can do what you do best.

The flower does not bear the root, but the root the flower….. The rose is merely the evidence of the vitality of the root.                                                                                  Woodrow Wilson

Nick J. Petra CFP


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