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Meetings that accomplish resultsl….

My daughter works for a telecommunication company. She is on the upper level management team.  I classify her firm as  “rapidly growing” and their plans call for a doubling in staff and tripling their bottom line in the next 12 months.  Currently it is a 24 hour a day operation; there has to be a crew available to field calls and provide technical and equipment support for one of their divisions.

From our conversations, she spends a lot of time in meetings, both small and large trying to make sure everyone is one the same page. Sometimes meetings are a necessity, especially when communicating with different departments in a rapidly growing firm.

In a small business, I am an advocate of good communications.  Input (from the appropriate staff) is always welcome, but I emphasize that the management team is in the best position to reach the correct decision in a short period of time. Good communications and an open “input platform” accomplish the feeling of “ownership” that the employees need without having to charge them to hold numerous meetings , the results of which will eventually be forwarded to the management team to make a final decision.

Unlike a management meeting which most often follows a carefully planned agenda, meetings held by staff usually lack an agenda resulting in a need for many more future meetings which often lose tract of the meeting’s original purpose.

Small companies need to “grow fast”. In today’s rapidly changing economic and technical arena, time is of the essence. Management has to have a flexible business and marketing plan and has to “strike” while the iron is hot.

Face to face management meetings in a small company are a must. Agendas should be prepared and distributed in advance, with the understanding that the unexpected may arise and items may be added to the original agenda.

Unscheduled meetings, in my opinion, are mostly a “time killer”. Unless there is a critical issue for which a decision must be reached immediately, don’t have a meeting.

Some men see things as they are and ask why? Others dream things that never were and ask why not.

George Bernard Shaw

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