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It’s the little things that can lead to success……

There are so many factors involved in achieving business success so when I was asked that questions last week, I had to stop and think of what is really important. The following is my list of what are the most important factors that don’t require a large investment.

  • Improve your smile and smile more often. That includes whitening your teeth if necessary. Last week I told a potential client, after our second visit, that unless she was willing to take that frown off her face and smile she would never get anywhere.
  • Contact 10 people a week and offer your services/products. This may require some thought and a prepared story to share, but it will work. Make sure that you ask permission to add them to your e-newsletter lists.
  • Call a past customer every day without a business agenda. Ask about their family, wish them a happy birthday or anything except trying to make a sale.
  •  Unless you are giving a lecture, spend twice as much time listening as you do speaking.
  • Turn off the TV for an entire week, especially watching news.
  • Dress well. There is something to wearing good clothes be they business casual or more formal. You don’t have to be like everyone else; stand out.
  • Say thank you more often. Look for any excuse to thank someone for a kindness, however small.
  • Listen when someone speaks to you. We all have a tendency to let our mind wander. Practice focusing on the speaker.
  • If you have attended a seminar,  bought a “how to grow your business” book ,  read one of my blogs that challenged you with a good idea, or have/had a coach, take time to implement those suggestions.

Think back over your business life, how many opportunities were presented to you that you did not follow up on? “I wish I had” is one of the worst statements that a business owner can make. That tells me that you are still living off “what might have been” instead of “what could be.”

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Change is the only constant in our business lives.

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